Parents again

Just a very quick post, but I had to let you all know we’re now parents! The first egg hatched on Wednesday, with a dramatic change in behaviour; much more prey being brought into the nest site and a lot more activity on the nest itself. We can clearly see the adults bending over to pull small pieces of prey off for the chick. Still lots of incubating going on, first of all due to the cold and wet weather we’re having, the young chick needs to be kept warm and dry and also because we hope a second is still to hatch. Fingers crossed!

White sea eagle on nest

Our drop-in day yesterday went well with a nice group of locals calling into to see how things work at Mull Eagle Watch this year. Thank you to those that did make the time to come along, great to see you all and put some faces to names. Lots of people also enjoying our influx of siskins to our feeders, taking plenty of photographs.

Mull eagle watch
We’re getting a little busier again after a small lull following the late Easter. Some good sized groups today with great views of both adults throughout the session, in flight, perched nearby and right on the nest. Iona took herself down to the burn and came back up looked wet and dishevelled after clearly having a bath, she then sat holding her wings out to dry in the breeze, great to see.

I’ll have more for you early next week and maybe another addition to the family.

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