Sad news

mull eagle chick
Photo by John Clare/RSPB

We’ve just had some very sad news in from our friends at RSPB Scotland on Mull. The young sea eagle which fledged from the Mull Eagle Watch site at Tiroran this year has been found dead – it appears the young eagle has died of natural causes and shows just how tough it can be out there for young eagles in their first winter.

The team over in Mull remember many days watching the young eagle taking her first flights and practising hunting with seaweed along the shoreline of Loch Scridain. The youngster was the only chick to be reared at the viewing site this year.

Remembering the eaglet

We wanted to share these lovely shots of the chick when she was still in the nest. As you can see, she certainly had a feisty spirit!

mull chick
Photo by Rachel Moore/RSPB
mull chick 2
Photo by Rachel Moore/RSPB

The photos were taken by Rachel Moore who was helping the RSPB & FCS ring her under SNH licence in June 2015. In the first photo, you can see some prey remains including a fish and a rabbit. She was about 6 weeks old at that stage and had another 4 weeks of growth before she was fully grown. Another 2 weeks after that and she was ready for her first flight. In her short life, she gave a lot of pleasure to a lot of visitors to the Mull Eagle Watch hide.

Her parents Fingal and Iona will already be prospecting their nest sites for next year. Life goes on for them. We wish them good luck for 2016.

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