Checking in for duty

Hello everybody,

This is just a short post to introduce myself and update you on developments with Mull Eagle Watch for 2016.

I am one of the two rangers that will be leading hide visits to view the eagles this year.

My name is Stephanie Cope, and I will be largely based at the West Ardhu site (near Dervaig) where our first hide is being generously hosted by North West Mull Community Woodlands.

My colleague, Debby Thorne of the RSPB, will be taking the lead at the Tiroran Community Forest site (towards the south of Mull) where our second hide will be hosted, courtesy of South West Mull and Iona Development.

I’m delighted to confirm that Mull Eagle Watch will be accepting bookings for hide visits to both sites from the 4th of April 2016. To book call: 01680 812 556.

White-tailed sea eagle in flight

I’ve worked on Mull for almost four years as a wildlife guide, but this will be my first season with the Mull and Iona Ranger Service and Eagle Watch.

On Friday, I accompanied Jan Dunlop to go and visit the birds at West Ardhu. The female was sitting tight as it was rather wet and blustery. She’s been incubating for a couple of weeks already, and so far, everything looks just as it should.

I have a hunch that this pair will be really enjoyable to work with; they already have something of a reputation for being nosy parkers!

Apparently, the birds take a keen interest in forestry operations within their territory and over successive years have always chosen to nest close to the most active areas.

Who knows – perhaps they’re working towards their HNC!

Our new hides are coming along nicely – thanks to the efforts of the respective community forest teams, and both offer an excellent view of the nests and surrounding airspace.

So, here’s to an exciting season full of fun, fly-bys and possibly Fulmars… judging by what was on the menu at West Ardhu last season (!)

I look forward to welcoming you to our new sites, and sharing the story of our partnership.

Stephanie Cope

Mull and Iona Ranger for the Eagle Watch

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  1. Hello Stephanie,

    I will see you in October as we have just booked our cottage on Mull it would be great to see the Eagles again as I had my first experience of a true wild eagle on Mull 2 years ago so looking forward to visiting again.

    I hope all goes well for you and the team.


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