Hide and Seek

The first week of Mull Eagle Watch 2016 is complete and under our belt!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many, lovely guests that have visited West Ardhu and Tiroran since we opened last Monday.

Though the weather has been a bit of a mixed bag, the eagles – Star, Hope, Fingal and Iona – have provided some exceptional views for our visitors.

Guests at West Ardhu were treated to an absolutely breath-taking fly over from Hope on Tuesday, as she left the nest and headed east right over the top of the hide. She did three laps of the clearing to the front of us, low down and perfectly lit by the afternoon sun.

At this point, she had been on the nest almost all day, and was visibly enjoying the chance to stretch her enormous wing.

Hope’s manner was very relaxed – demonstrating that she was comfortable with our presence at the hide. As a guide, it’s very satisfying to be rewarded in this way for considerate behaviour. Courtesy and patience are the most important ingredients for successful wildlife watching.

I’ve been fortunate enough to live alongside Mull’s white-tailed eagles for several years, but this encounter must rank as one of the closest and most beautiful moments that I have experienced with them. The atmosphere, as she passed directly above us, was one of silent and respectful wonder.


Stephanie Cope

Community Ranger for Mull Eagle Watch

To get the latest from our sister site at Tiroran Community Forest, visit the RSPB’s Mull Eagles blog.


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