Buzz off!

2nd September 2018

We were spolit with eagle action last Thursday at West Ardhu!

Hope arrived with a measly portion of food but, instead of dropping it in the nest, she perched underneath Misak to eat it herself, despite the incessant calling from the hungry chick.

Ulva, appeared at the same time but, realising the food wasn’t for sharing, she swiftly moved on and soared up high for our visitors for a while before being mobbed by ravens.

Ulva, one of the chicks, soars overhead
Ulva, one of the chicks, soars overhead

And there was more mobbing to come! The visitors would have gone home happy then but in the final moments of the tour, Hope flew past us over the nearby hillside. Instead of following her normal route, she strangely decided to stop and perch precariously atop a very spindly tree. She was now sat about 100 metres away from us – something we rarely see them do.

Almost immediately, she was greeted with hostility by one of the local buzzards who proceeded to mob her as she called out, swooping past her again and again until she finally up and left, with the buzzard in pursuit. Here is the series of Cian’s photos to illustrate the story!

Hope comes in to land nearby
edit 2
The buzzard swoops in
edit 3
Hope looks up at the buzzard
edit 4
Hope has had enough! She leaves…

edit 5edit 6

edit 7
… still pursued!


Tours at West Ardhu are still running throughout September. To book on a tour, please call 01680 812 556. Of course these are wild birds so please bear in mind that you may not get as lucky as this!

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  1. I was on the island of Lismore on 27th August when I saw what I now think, having read your blog, was a white tailed eagle. It flew over a Lochern on the island. Is this a possibility given the island’s close proximity to Mull?

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