We are Back. Mull Eagle Watch 2019!

Hello everyone and welcome back to Mull Eagle Watch 2019!

Week one is down and so far it’s been an absolutely incredible beginning to Mull Eagle Watch season of 2019 at Craignure Golf Course.

The sun has been shining steadily every single day, the clouds have been soft and gentle giving some incredible sights! The resident pair of white tailed eagles named Scalla and Anna have so far definitely got at least one egg in the nest… after a challenging start to the season last year, this year so far everything is going smoothly as it’s been about 14 days since the laying and incubation period began on the 31st of March.
We have been watching intently ensuring that there is always one of the eagles brooding the new egg and without fail there has been a strong presence in the sky of the partner continuously soaring and hunting for prey insuring the family continues to be nourished and fed!

Craignure Golf Course is a fantastic location and we are so very grateful to have the opportunity to host Mull Eagle Watch 2019 on the premesis.
The golf course has created a fabulous honesty cafe full of delicious home baked goodies for our very lucky customers to enjoy along with a hot cup of tea or coffee after our wee wilderness eagle-scursions.

Lizzy, the other Eagle Ranger for Mull and Iona Community Trust and myself will be running 2 tours per day ( 11am and 2pm ) 6 days a week every day except Saturday. Guiding walks and showing the public these majestic birds of prey in their natural habitat.

Come down and get out there in nature with us to witness these profoundly majestic and very rare birds doing what they do best- hunting and creating life!

Hopefully see you all over the summer on this incredible island of Mull ๐Ÿ™‚

Bookings can be made by phoning: 01680 812 556

Over and out for now!
Caoimhe Keohane
Mull Eagle Watch- Community Engagement and Tourism Officer


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  1. Hello, my husband and I, we are planning a short visit to Mull Island in June. And I am wondering if We could prebook a trip with you for the 18th?
    We are staying here http://www.booking.com/Share-alCExF hoping that this is a suitable location for the trip. I would appreciate your advice and guidance on how to best make the arrangements being there for the first time and not having a car ๐Ÿ™‚
    Many thanks!

    1. Yes of course you are more than welcome to book onto a trip ๐Ÿ™‚ Please phone 01860 812 556 ๐Ÿ™‚ You can walk from the hotel to the Golf Course, where we are based this year.

  2. Glad all is well. These two were my babies for almost 10 years when I did the Watch over them. I miss them so much and pray they have a successful year. Will look forward to all the news and hope to see them sometime this year. Say hi to them from me!

    1. Yes, so far everything is going very well. We are getting some amazing views of them in the nest as well as flying around. Fingers and Talons crossed for a successful season! We will pass on the greetings ๐Ÿ™‚

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