Rain. What Rain??

So after a wonderful start to the season the weather is dry as anything, the sun is shining and we’re here on Craignure Golf Course living la vida loca alongside the pair of resident eagles Scalla and Anna.
So far on our journey we are still in incubation stage and it is about two weeks to go until the egg (potentially two eggs… and quite possibly three) hatches!
We will know for sure more about how many are in the nest once we have counted fluffy heads and even then, we may be surprised when we go up to ring them after four weeks. So we are looking at some exciting times ahead, as there will be a wee chick inside the giant nest in about two weeks!

What we have been witnessing in the last couple of weeks since we began, has been sights of one of either Scalla or Anna taking turns soaring and hunting for prey along the ridge of the mountain, out at sea (getting mobbed by gulls on occasion) and every now and again right over the golf course. One particular day we saw Scalla perched on a rock out at sea (in Scallastle bay no less) for over an hour – giving us some very up close viewings of this majestic bird being incredibly still and peaceful.

Photo Credits Lizzy. Eagle, taken through the telescope on a windy day!

(Photo credits Lizzy. But don’t hold the blurriness against her! It was rather windy, and taken through a telescope!)

There is plenty of marine life and bird life to be seen here along the coast such as common seals and grey seals, the elusive otter, gulls-a-plenty, buzzards, shag, curlew, heron, ringed plover, redshank, greenshank, great northern diver, and an abundance of Canada goose, greylag goose and oystercatcher. (That’s just to name a few!)

More recently we have been hearing a cuckoo in the wind… such a majestic sound to the ears as we are searching the skies for a white tailed eagle!
We are having an absolute blast of a time down here taking groups of excited bird watchers and nature lovers out along the coast to immerse themselves in the wilderness and get a chance to have an up close view (with a telescope) of a nesting pair of WTE’s… so special !

There hasn’t been much drama in terms of eagle situations, which is a really good thing especially during this incubation stage *touch wood* that things will all go smoothly over the next few weeks and that there will be a little chick (s) in the nest.

We are so grateful to have the opportunity to be here on the golf course walking out along this majestic coastline with the mountains and the sea and the abundance of wildlife. It really is wonderful to see this native species nesting so contently and comfortably in the tall native scots pine.The two native species of tree and bird, supporting each other as they would have naturally over one hundred years ago. Absolutely phenomenal views and sights.
Join Lizzy and I for a tour whenever you have a spare morning/ afternoon… out along the coast to view this wonderful native species in its natural habitat.

Bookings can be made by phoning:
01680 812 556

Thank you for reading 😊

Mull Eagle Watch over and out for now!
RSPB Community Information and Tourism Officer

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  1. Really enjoying reading your posts ,fascinating stuff,good luck with the wte
    hopefully I’ll get the chance to see them next year.

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