Spring has sprung and ’tis the season of new life!

With sights of soaring beautiful white tailed eagles, often seen perched on a nearby tree top and nearby coastal rocks. We have been witnessing the continuous brooding of the egg, predominantly by the wonderful Anna. Scalla has been seen regularly out at sea or across the sound of Mull…or even soaring along the nearby mountain ridge searching for prey.

In the last few weeks we have been closely monitoring the situation as Anna has (for 70% of the time) been sitting on the egg brooding consistently.
Our hearts have been in our mouths with excitement, and full to the brim with adrenaline, anticipating the arrival of the new born chick!
In the last few days we have noticed a change in behaviour with the two birds. We have noticed Anna perched up much higher than usual, her shoulders completely elevated above the nest. She has been seen bending down attending to what appears to be another living being within the nest!

Anna sat alot higher in the nest

We have seen strips of meat hanging from her beak as she tenderly lowers her head into the nest…this is a sure sign that there is a chick in the nest, even if we haven’t seen a fluffy little head yet! We have been noticing her continuous shifting about the nest, looking down, shuffling forwards and back. Moving circularly around the perimeter in an extremely delicate manner- which is usually a definite sign that she is being conscious of a small delicate being within the centre of the nest. Anna at this time, would be clenching her talons tightly to ensure no damage is done to her new little chick.
What a wonderful sight to see this very intimate moment of newborn and parent learning and feeding 🙂 The new father Scalla has been doing his fatherly duties, flying in and out continuously with prey, ensuring that the newborn and the mother are given substantial quantities of nourishment – enabling the young chick (or chicks) to grow at a healthy and substantial rate. They really need it, because in literally just ten weeks time that little chick will grow to be a fully grown, two metre wing-spanned white tailed eagle! Wow! 😲

Scalla proudly perched above the nest
Scalla, the beauty is being such a proud dad perched on a branch watching over the newly formed life that he and Anna have created together.
Mother Anna and Scalla have been working tirelessly to mind the egg since the 31st of March and so far they have been incredibly successful *touch wood* and we are so excited and proud of them too.
Congratulations to the new parents!
All our love from Caoimhe and Lizzy ❤

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  1. Hi there I’m trying to find the sea eagles webcam! I thought it was accessable on this website? Please can anyone tell me how i can see it thanks Jamie

    1. Hi Jamie, I am afraid we don’t have a webcam on this nest. There is a nest on Uist that has a Webcam on Instagram under Sea Eagle Stories. There is also a webcam on a nest on Norway that is very popular.
      I hope this helps,

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