Finally Fully Fledged!

What an incredible time here at Mull Eagle Watch. Our chick is now nearly 16 weeks old and has finally fledged.
Yet to be named, the youngest eaglet on Mull, took it’s first leap at 13 weeks.
In the initial stages we were witnessing a great deal of flapping in the nest. Stretching and preparing it’s two-metre wings for take-off. From the hide we could see the wingspan with our naked eye, taking up the width of the tall pine tree.
Still very dark brown and mottled, with a two-metre wingspan but a wobbly and freshly formed body. Similar to a human teenager – taller than its parents but has a lot of muscle and strength to form before it becomes a fully formed adult.
Once our chick was attempting to fledge, the parents Scalla and Anna would entice the chick with some food. Letting it get a little bit hungry to encourage it out of the nest.

Once out, we didn’t see the chick for a little while. It was most likely perched in a tree beyond our vision. A few time we witnessed it come up above the tree line, looking quite wobbly in flight indeed.

Lately the sights have been steadier. Confidence is clearly growing with our wee eagle.
On one of our recent walks, our guests were enthused to take a walk regardless of the rain. They witnessed a double rainbow forming over the islands and beneath it we spotted our chick perched solo on a rock in the cove, patiently looking out to sea.

Chick Brain Redpath

Amazing Photo by Brian Redpath

Astonished by our luck, clearly it was the double rainbow! We were lucky to watch the eagle for a long period of time. It then moved its wings and sure enough took flight. Confidently and with strength soaring to another nearby rock.
We were and still are amazed by the experience. So far it is the closest we have come to viewing any of our eagles here at Mull Eagle Watch.

Chick Wingspan brian redpath

Look at those wings! Photo by Brian Redpath

Maybe next time we will see the chick flying with some prey in its talons…

We have just about one month to go before we finish our season. So if you haven’t made it down to visit us yet.
Do book on a tour with us!

Bookings and further information can be obtained from Visit Scotland at Craignure and by phone on 01680 812 556.
Trips will run at 11am and 2pm daily except Saturday.

We look forward to taking you on a tour to watch white tailed eagles soar with your eagle rangers,
Lizzy and Caoimhe
Thanks for reading everyone,
RSPB Community Information and Tourism Officer


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