We are halfway through the season, my my that has flown by!

Well we are halfway through the season! Hard to imagine that it’s already been three months since the day that Mull Eagle Watch opened. The chick at this stage is nine weeks old. So we should hopefully be witnessing the chick regularly flapping its newly formed wings… measuring up to 2 meters! Absolutely incredible. We […]

Spring has sprung and ’tis the season of new life!

With sights of soaring beautiful white tailed eagles, often seen perched on a nearby tree top and nearby coastal rocks. We have been witnessing the continuous brooding of the egg, predominantly by the wonderful Anna. Scalla has been seen regularly out at sea or across the sound of Mull…or even soaring along the nearby mountain […]

An update on Shelly – the sea eagle rediscovered after 7 years

15th October 2018 In 2010, MEW watched as sea eagle pair, Fingal and Iona, raised a chick. The female was named Shelly after Glen Seilisdeir, the valley in which the birds reside on the Isle of Mull. Shelly was fitted with a satellite tag which was designed to track her movements. Disappointingly, after only three […]

Buzz off!

2nd September 2018 We were spolit with eagle action last Thursday at West Ardhu! Hope arrived with a measly portion of food but, instead of dropping it in the nest, she perched underneath Misak to eat it herself, despite the incessant calling from the hungry chick. Ulva, appeared at the same time but, realising the […]